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Contemporary history in focus

The Foundation’s extensive range of publications includes monographs, edited volumes, and source texts pertaining to Ernst Reuter’s life and the history of Germany in the twentieth century.

Bücherstapel mit Publikationen der Schriftenreihe "Zeitgeschichte im Fokus"

Image credits »© Thomas Schleinert, Landesarchiv Berlin.

Ernst Reuter booklets

The aim of the “Ernst Reuter booklets” is to present selected elements linked to Ernst Reuter’s life, the history of Berlin, and German history of the twentieth century in a smaller format. These historical essays are targeted at both specialist audiences as well as readers with an interest in history.

Titelcollage der "Ernst-Reuter-Hefte"

Image credits »© Thomas Schleinert, Landesarchiv Berlin.

Further publications

Here you can find publications that appear outside the Foundation’s own series and publications that contain contributions by staff of the Foundation.

Bücherregal im Lesesaal des Landesarchivs Berlin.

Image credits »© Thomas Platow, Landesarchiv Berlin.

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