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Established in 2010, the Foundation is dedicated to Ernst Reuter. It aims to preserve the memory of the first Governing Mayor of Berlin and contribute to the academic study of contemporary history.  

Bücher in der Stiftungsbibliothek.

Image credits»© Thomas Platow, Landesarchiv Berlin.


The Foundation is led by historian Dr. Michael C. Bienert. He has been supported in his role by historian Leonie Kayser since 2020. The Foundation’s team members are introduced here.

Bei der Arbeit: Leonie Kayser und Dr. Michael C. Bienert.

Image credits »© Thomas Platow, Landesarchiv Berlin.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees supports the Foundation in its work and performs a supervisory role. It currently has nine members.

Das Logo der Stiftung Ernst-Reuter-Archiv.


Within the scope of the funds at its disposal, the Foundation instigates and promotes research projects dealing with Ernst Reuter and Berlin’s contemporary history. Applications for funding may be submitted at any time.

Archivkartons im Magazin des Landesarchivs Berlin.

Image credits»© Thomas Platow, Landesarchiv Berlin.

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