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The aim of the Ernst Reuter Archives Foundation is to preserve the memory of the first Governing Mayor of Berlin and contribute to the academic study of contemporary history. Here you will find a selection of our current and concluded projects.

Ernst Reuter. Stimme Berlins. Tonaufnahmen.

Image credits »© Thomas Platow, Landesarchiv Berlin.

More than just paper

Ernst Reuter’s legacy, which is held by Berlin’s Landesarchiv, contains more than just letters, manuscripts of speeches, and official documents. Alongside a variety of photos, captivating objects from Reuter’s everyday life can also be found, including suitcases, walking sticks, cigar boxes, and a selection of berets – one of the trademarks of the former Governing Mayor.

Dean Achesons Hut und Reuters Baskenmütze und Stock bei einem Presseempfang im Rathaus Schöneberg, 29. Juni 1952.
Dean Acheson’s hat and Ernst Reuter’s beret and cane at a press reception in Rathaus Schöneberg (city hall), 29 June 1952.

Image credits»© Landesarchiv Berlin, F Rep. 290, Nr. 0019384 (Gert Schütz).

Edzard Reuter deposit

The Foundation holds the deposit of Edzard Reuter (*1928), the former CEO of Daimler-Benz AG and the youngest son of Ernst Reuter. Its holdings include both private and professional documents and records.

Edzard Reuter at the Lichtenburg Prettin Concentration Camp Memorial exhibition, 31 May 2013.

Image credits »© Landesarchiv Berlin, F Rep. 290, Nr. 007551 (Thomas Platow).

↑ Image credits Headerimage© Thomas Platow, Landesarchiv Berlin.