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Ernst Reuter the communist

Workshop „Ernst Reuter und der Kommunismus. Neue Perspektiven der Forschung“, November 2018.
“Ernst Reuter and Communism. New Perspectives for Research” workshop, November 2018.

Image credits »© Thomas Platow, Landesarchiv Berlin.

Die Schrift „Zur Krise unserer Partei“, die Reuter 1921 unter seinem Decknamen „Friesland“ verfasste, erschien nur wenige Wochen vor seinem Ausschluss aus der KPD.
The text “Zur Krise unserer Partei” (“On the Crisis of Our Party”), which Reuter wrote in 1921 under his alias Friesland, appeared a few weeks before his expulsion from the KPD.

Ernst Reuter the communist

While Ernst Reuter’s life contained many changes of direction, no other episodes in his biography throw up so many unanswered questions as his time as communist Commissar of the Volga (1918) and as functionary of the KPD (Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands, Communist Party of Germany) (1918–1922). Although research has repeatedly produced new assessments, only very limited Russian and Soviet sources have previously been available. This project aims to expand the primary sources for future research regarding Reuter. In cooperation with Russian and German historians, systematic searches have been undertaken in archives in Moscow, Saratov, and Engels. The goal of these searches was to compile all relevant documents, before translating them into German for interrogation. This will not only expand our knowledge of Ernst Reuter’s biography, but also open up new research perspectives.